Ergo, i used the new Borderline Character Inventory (BPI, ) to assess BPD has actually within our take to

Ergo, i used the new Borderline Character Inventory (BPI, ) to assess BPD has actually within our take to

UPPS-P Natural Behavior Size

The UPPS-P scale correlation matrices did not differ significantly across the three groups, homogeneity ? 2 (30) = , p > .10; thus, they could be safely pooled. After correcting the nominal significance level according to the Bonferroni procedure (i.e., p < .005), significant correlations were observed between Negative Urgency, and Lack of Premeditation, r = .36, p < .005, Sensation Seeking, r = .54, p < .001, and Positive Urgency, r = .85, p < .001; moreover, Lack of Premeditation correlated significantly with Lack of Perseverance, r = .74, p < .001, and Positive Urgency showed a significant correlation with Sensation Seeking, r = .47, p < .001.

Teens throughout the highest-BPD category evidenced rather highest imply DERS total ratings than teens in the reduced-BPD and mediocre-BPD groups. Comparable results was obtained whenever ages-modified DERS ratings was indeed examined, having Bonferroni t opinions regarding 8.twenty-eight (d = 2.14) and 4.51 (d = 1.17) to your higher-BPD as opposed to reduced-BPD category and you will highest-BPD versus average-BPD classification contrasts, correspondingly.

Our performance including longer previous research showing this new significance of size from impulsivity to help you BPD . Within this data, the brand new habit of act impulsively whenever feeling heightened emotional stimulation, one another bad and good, classified the fresh higher-BPD selection of teenagers regarding heated affairs tips both manage categories of kids. Findings of your importance of negative importance to BPD have within the it attempt out of teenagers is actually consistent with earlier in the day results out-of an enthusiastic self-confident relatives anywhere between UPPS Bad Importance and you may thinking-said BPD keeps in the undergraduates , though you to research plus receive a relationship anywhere between BPD keeps and Decreased Premeditation on the UPPS. In addition, the distinctions when you look at the Good and bad Necessity between highest-BPD teenagers and you may one another control groups stayed high though partialing out of the difference of this DERS. This type of results suggest that feeling dysregulation doesn’t completely take into account the newest organization anywhere between bad and the good urgency and you can BPD enjoys in the teenagers.

Having said that, whilst BPI does not overlap entirely having DSM-IV BPD standards, it does yield good DSM-centered BPD index and contains been discovered having an excellent agreement with DSM-III-Roentgen diagnostic standards to possess BPD

The overall performance is highly recommended from the white many constraints. The newest attempt was consisting of nonclinical teenagers attending senior high school who volunteered to sign up the analysis; this highly limitations the newest generalizability of your findings, for example with respect to logical populations from teens. In addition, this research relied simply to your mind-account away from BPD has actually. In the event our very own look build precluded the employment of semi-planned interviews for evaluating BPD provides (considering the need maintain participants’ privacy, plus the requirement of unique told consent when giving psychological interviews), concerns about this new legitimacy away from DSM-IV adult conditions for BPD for the teens served the usage of a good dimensional way of measuring BPD features in our decide to try too. In reality, issues was in fact elevated concerning the current categorical symptomatic system for the brand new class away from personality problems elizabeth.g., [41, 71] as there are growing service for dimensional different types of identification cystic [71–74]. Also, the effective use of good dimensional way of measuring BPD possess avoids the fresh new well-understood difficulties of within-classification type and higher symptomatic convergence away from an excellent DSM-IV BPD prognosis . Ergo, our very own use of the BPI try believed a very appropriate options for this sample.

Results Despite these types of limitations, the current results depict a good contribution to help you understanding the role out-of feelings dysregulation and two relevant size of impulsivity, Positive and negative Necessity, in adolescent BPD has actually

Overall, these types of limitations stress the need for next studies predicated on an effective longitudinal framework to explain the specific interrelations regarding emotion dysregulation, impulsivity, and you may BPD provides when you look at the teenagers.

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